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Sexual Harassment Training

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Sexual Harassment Training

This training program is designed to improve the knowledge and awareness of employers and employees on the prevention, recognition, and handling of workplace violence and sexual harassment.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Harassment, Discrimination, Violence, and Prevention Policy

  • What is workplace harassment and sexual harassment?

  • What is workplace violence?

  • Workplace violence and harassment prevention legislations in Illinois

  • How to respond to situations regarding discrimination, violence, or harassment if you are a bystander

Course Objectives:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s harassment and violence prevention policy

  • Define and understand how to identify the different types of harassment

  • Understand different types of violence, your rights, and how to report incidents of violenceKnow your rights and responsibilities as an employer 

  • Learn how to become a proactive player in preventing harassment in the workplace

Learning Formats & Content:

  • eLearning

  • eWorkshop

  • Lunch & Learn

The content

Learning Objectives


  • Understand your responsibilities.

  • Learn tactics to prevent harassment among your staff.

  • Improve your hiring and performance review practices.

Build a Workplace Action Plan
 for a diverse and inclusive environment.

  • Understand how to respond to challenging scenarios.

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The content

Learning Objectives


  • Define different types of harassment. 

  • Know your rights and employers responsibilities. 

  • Understand how to respond to harassment. 

  • Learn how to become a proactive player in preventing harassment in the workplace.

  • Discern the nuances of sexual harassment. 

  • Improve communication through empathy. 

  • Increase awareness of your LGBTQ2+ community.

  • Understand cultural norms and biases.

  • Learn how to respond to various challenging scenarios. 

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