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Blue Level’s team shares a passion for helping people reach their full potential. As international leaders from a variety of industries with diverse skill sets, we center ourselves on clients’ needs to create a sustainable impact.

Meet the Team

Karine Bah Tahe, Founder and CEO

Jillian Titus, Product Development Manager

Samantha Wallace, Sales Operations Manager

Candace Hurt, Sales Representative 

Endia Woodruff, Learning Management System and Customer Service Specialist

Michelle Titus, Growth and Strategy 

Kyle Vetro, Research and Writing Specialist

Brad Loiederman, Social Media Specialist

Maya Toussaint, Training Co-facilitator

Ariane Beaulieu-Sirois, Training Co-facilitator

Charlotte Schaefer, Editor

Colette Hannahan, Editor

Board of advisors

Bracken Darrell, President and CEO of Logitech

Claude Beaudin, Vice-President Human Resources at Bombardier

Ariane Beaulieu-Sirois, Empathy Trainer at L'Oréal

Amélie Beauchamp, Clinical Nurse at Douglas University Institute of Mental Health, CIUSSS

Alexandre Mercier, CHRA, Head of Service and Recruitment at the Integrated University Health and Social Services Centre (CIUSSS)

Elie Losleben, Faculty at Singularity University in Silicon Valley in Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership, Health

Christine Lefebvre, Head Manager, Training on Health and Safety, Cirque du Soleil

Jessica Kaplan, Head of Legal & Compliance at deugro group

Dr. Tiffany Vora, Faculty and Vice Chair of Medicine & Digital Biology at Singularity University in Silicon Valley

Michelle Titus, Activist and Global Entrepreneur

Marianne Bah Tahé, Biochemistry Researcher 


e-Workshops Facilitators

Karine Bah Tahe

Founder, CEO, and e-Workshop Facilitator

Karine Bah Tahé is the founder and CEO of Blue Level Training, a global training company that aims to build respectful and safe work environments. Karine has spent the past 10 years working in training, C-suite diversity and inclusion mentorship, development, and journalism, in North America and internationally. Her areas of expertise include communications, business etiquette, sales, sexual harassment prevention, diversity and inclusion, microaggressions, and anti-racism. She has worked with international leaders, the diplomatic community, academic innovators, and senior business executives from a range of industries. Karine has worked and lived in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, India, and Australia. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Concordia University, Certificates from Cornell University in Diversity and Inclusion, and Strategic Human Resources Leadership, as well as an Executive Program Certificate in Human Resources from Stanford University.

Maya Toussaint

e-Workshop Facilitator

Maya Toussaint is a facilitator, presenter, and content tour guide with over 10 years of recruitment and HR experience.  Having worked at LinkedIn for five years, she is comfortable working with global organizations from the start-up to the international giant. She brings humor, empathy, and real-world context to often-considered heavy topics. Maya also works on marketing and employer branding and has presented on varied subjects and customizes content depending on the audience.

Ariane Beaulieu Sirois

e-Workshop Facilitator

Ariane is a bilingual Education Specialist with over 8 years of experience working for l’Oreal in training, development, and commercial representation. She has developed in-depth comprehension of Empathy pillars and values throughout her experience, while continuously working with a wide array of audiences through multiple media outlets. Ariane is a passionate and authentic educator who enjoys creating meaningful connections during her training sessions.


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