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The Story of
Blue Level

Following the #metoo movement, Blue Level was founded by Karine Bah Tahé in 2018,  because she felt there was a deep need for improved training. Growing up  facing racism, colorism, ageism, sexism, etc., Karine was always passionate about fairness and making the world a better place. 


Looking at the data, Karine saw that far too many people were harmed by sexual harassment, and this often stemmed from a lack of impactful education. She knew she had to do something that would prevent, interrupt, and mitigate harassment, sexism, racism, and other ‘isms affecting human rights. 


The research on DEI and harassment-prevention training showed numerous missing parts to ensure good retention and the application of critical concepts. She, therefore, built a training company that would allow everyone to easily understand the nuances of non-inclusive behaviors so they could positively impact their workplace. 


The name Blue Level came from Karine’s passion for scuba diving. At age 18, after a difficult childhood, Karine used her savings to travel to Australia and scuba-dived for the first time. 


“I realized there was another world that I was unaware of, with so much to learn from. We think we know everything, but there is so much we don't know. Of course, I knew of the ocean, but I had to dive in and experience it to truly understand the immensity of it and how interdependent we are with the natural world. Through our training, I want to bring people to places they’ve never experienced and see things they’ve never realized existed. I want them to realize how biased actions impact their peers and communities and support structural discrimination. By experiencing other realities through the training, we can understand how we can be part of the solution. I want to immerse people in the ocean of DEI knowledge they were deprived of in the Blue Level.”

—Karine Bah Tahé

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