Marcia Ore


Marcia is an HRM professional with over 20 years experience working across the United Kingdom.


She holds several qualifications including Master of Science degree in Education, Management and Leadership, Master of Arts degree in Coaching and Mentoring for Personal Business and Organizational Development and Chartered Institute of Professional Development Level 5 diploma in learning and development.


 Marcia’s particular focus on content development, coupled with her extensive background in coaching and mentoring, has afforded her the opportunity to develop strong communication skills and an ability to engage with both internal and external stakeholders at strategic and operational levels. This skill set has created a strong foundation with which to facilitate workshops that address issues of diversity and inclusion. 


In addition to her impressive experience with content development and delivery, Marcia possesses strong project management skills. Her roles as a DEI subject matter expert at the UK Atomic Energy Authority and Women in Nuclear UK (WiN UK) Central Committee has allowed her to hone her leadership skills as they relate to facilitating collaborative projects. These roles allowed Marcia to help individuals and teams at the national, regional and local levels assess their organizational processes and navigate the implementation of DEI policies that foster inclusive workplace environments that support diversity globally.


During her thirty-year career  as a Police Officer Marcia held several roles where she challenged the structural barriers to equality, diversity, and inclusion which existed in the police service. For example:

Vice chair of West Midlands Police Black and Asian Police Association.
Executive member of the National Black Police Association and chair of the Gender and Sexual Orientation sub-committee.  
Executive member of the British Association of Women in Policing.
Women Sgts Police Federation representative.
Member of the Association of Chief Police Officers working party exploring the career progression for women and black and ethnic minority police officers and police staff.
Wrote monthly articles for a national police publication Jane’s Police Review for 6 years.

Since retiring from the police she has continued being actively involved with diversity, inclusion and equity, particularly relating to race and ethnicity, young people and individuals with disabilities and women. She continues to deliver training, facilitate workshops, and contribute as a keynote speaker at conferences and webinars. In addition, to supporting organizations to develop their strategic approach to inclusion, diversity, and equity.

Marcia has recently become a feature writer for SkillsViewPoint a digital publication for the UK energy industry.