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JacQuea McDaniel

Account Executive

JacQuea McDaniel is an experienced business development specialist, with 20 years of experience supporting clients from a wide array of industries. She prides herself on consistency as a top performer, overachiever, and advocate for helping others. Having personally experienced unconscious and conscious biases as well as systemic racism during her corporate career in the United States, she is extremely passionate about being part of the solution and assisting clients through their education journey at Blue Level.

As a Southern California native, JacQuea has a Bachelor of Arts in Behavioral/Social Sciences and Mass Communications with an emphasis in Industrial-Organizational Development from California State University, San Bernardino. Currently, she is in the process of completing post-graduate studies in project management. 

~"My goal in life is not to live up to someone else's expectations! It's to excel far beyond the level of complacency and achieve the unexpected." ~ JacQuea McDaniel~