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Types of Training

What we offer

Types of Training


This training is a scalable, self-paced, digital learning with a short lead time to get started. This learning solution is ideal for large or international organizations wanting to provide the same foundation of knowledge and skills to as many employees as possible at once. It also provides welcomed privacy to employees around learning sensitive subjects.


This learning solution offers a live, digital learning environment that includes discussions with our expert trainers based on material tailored to your organization and industry. It is ideal for intimate groups within your organization—the executive team, managers, members of the board, or a specific division.

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Speaker Engagement

Lunch & Learns are DEI-expert-led, topic-specific events with 45 minutes of keynote and 15 minutes for Q&A. Each Lunch & Learn can accommodate up to 50 people per session.

In person

This training is the most personal approach to learning, allowing the trainer to adapt to the flow and needs of the learners. Training is tailored to the individual’s or group’s needs so as to inspire discussion and genuine change.

Keynote Speaker

Blue Level’s Keynote Speakers offer expert-led reviews of current cultural, social, and professional trends affecting the workplace. We dig deeper into training topics specific to your audience that aim to impact company culture for years to come.


Webinars are focused, topic-led learning solutions that are tailored to your organization/team and industry. They are ideal to inspire.


Train-the-Trainer is a live, digital discussion with our expert trainers, based on material tailored to your organization and industry. This learning solution for trainers, DEI, and HR professionals is ideal for companies seeking to obtain in-house knowledge and training methods that have been specifically curated for your organization.

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Additional Services

Our experts provide policy review, company statements, employee handbooks, and more.

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